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The Sibilla mountain

The Sibyl is the mountain from which the Sibillini National Park takes its name. It is the most famous and perhaps the most visited for the beauty of the view from up there. At 2,173 meters above the sea level it is not the highest peak of the Sibillini, but without a doubt it is the most famous for its myths and legends, in particular the legend of Sibyl, an illustrious prophetess who lived in the cave located on the top of the mountain peak called "the Crown", which in ancient times many knights sought out in search of oracles Read More

The Lake of Pilato

Every time you walk up to the Lake of Pilato it is like the first time… You need to leave early in the morning to reach the small village of Foce di Montemonaco and start the walk across the Gardosa plain, the pungent breeze on your face and the first rays of light across the valley, forests and rock walls give a nice feeling. Emotion and fatigue accompany you on the edge of “le svolte”, steep scree zig- zag, and then you pass the beautiful beech forest beyond which the landscape opens out over the valley and the trail climbs Read More


Our small village is located 988 meters of altitude. It is so called because, on this hill, Benedictine monks had found refuge and solitude, they were the first settlers of our mountain areas. Towards the end of the thirteenth century the small landowners of the various rural centers established a free municipality and chose a central spot, easy to defend, since then they called it "the mountain of Monaco". In defense of their freedom the inhabitants built the massive castle walls, rugged and interspersed with large towers. In the following years his story merges with the history of other towns Read More


The pretty village of Montefortino is perched on a hill 640 meters above sea level, in front of the Sibillini range and built by ancient and beautiful stone and brick houses that give it a very charming medieval character. The Renaissance Palazzo Leopardi in the heart of the historic center houses the prestigious Duranti Art Gallery, the Museum of the animals and birds of the Sibillini and the Museum of Sacred Art.

the Shrine of Madonna dell’Ambro

The seventeenth-century shrine is located next to the creek Ambro and is one of the oldest and most visited shrines in Le Marche, a pilgrimage site, nestled between the massive Priora (2332 mt.) and the Castel Manardo (1917 mt.). Inside you can admire frescoes by Martino Bonfini depicting the Sibyls. Distance by car: 15 min.

Castelluccio di Norcia

This small village stands at 1450 meters above see level, in the province of Norcia, Umbria. The namesake plateau, spectacular plain field that stretches for 80 km, surrounded by mountains, is famous worldwide for its colorful flowering that occurs in late June and early July and for the tasty lentils that grown there. Distance by car: 45 minutes.

Ascoli Piceno

The town of the 100 towers is one of the most admired town of Italy for its artistic and architectural richness. Its historic center is built almost entirely of travertine, where the Renaissance Piazza del Popolo is located, this square is considered among the most beautiful in Italy. In the summer it hosts the famous medieval costume parade and jousting called La Quintana.

Adriatic coast

The resorts and sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast as Porto San Giorgio and San Benedetto del Tronto. Distance by car: 1 hour.

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