Earthquake + snowfall. Diary of 24 January 2017

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As many of our friends and guests living abroad will know, the violent earthquakes that recently hit central Italy, in particular the one of 30 October 2016, with epicenter near the town of Norcia, of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale, caused damage to our guest house Le Castellare, which was declared unfit for use some days later.






This terrible event has also caused extensive damage to our village, Montemonaco, and now everyone like us, is trying to slowly pull ourselves up.

Many churches, public and private buildings have been damaged and are uninhabitable. It was a shock for us to see the history of this area, its symbols, which are part of our lives, the homes of our friends, the result of the sacrifices of a lifetime, crumble in a few seconds, our certainties vanished in an instant.

chiesa sisma 1

Our first feeling was fear and loss. This feeling of loss lasted weeks, until we realized that our life must continue and that we cannot give up our dreams.

The Agriturismo Le Castellare has existed for more than 20 years as a guest house, when my father Pietro decided to renovate my grandparents’ old house and welcome travellers to this unknown little corner of paradise.  In recent years we have devoted all our efforts and resources to creating a cozy environment, making travelers welcome was our philosophy, because we were convinced that this area of Italy was special and despite everything we still do today.

We want to start again because we believe and we want our future to be here.

giugno 2011 006_1024x768

house view

Last week we had another unexpected natural disaster,  an exceptionally heavy snowfall that caused many problems in the regions of Le Marche and Abruzzo.  Many people, including my parents, were trapped in their houses  for days because of this and found themselves without electricity.  The weight of the snow now poses a risk for buildings that have already been damaged by the earthquake and this is likely to worsen the situation.

We still haven’t managed to get into Le Castellare to check on the situation because the snow is very high and we cannot enter.



We are very discouraged now, but we want to start our business as soon as possible because we believe in it and we want our future to be here.  Of course we are required to undertake seismic strengthening repairs to the building, which we cannot immediately begin due to bureaucratic issues but we hope we can start soon.

Our engineer is working on the restoration project and this post will be the first in a long journey through the stages of reconstruction of our paradise.  I want to document this with photos and share the progress of the works with all our friends and guests who have shown us their affection and  support during these months.

To them we say THANK YOU because their support is for us an important reason to look forward with hope.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this terrible earthquake.

If you want to help us with the restoration works you can send your contribution via bank transfer to our bank account:



Account holders: Buratti Pietro-Fioravanti Angela Lea

IBAN: IT08X0306969360100000001462



Detailed information also on our Facebook page

Nadia Buratti – 24 January 2017

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