The Sibilla mountain

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The Sibyl is the mountain from which the Sibillini National Park takes its name. It is the most famous and perhaps the most visited for the beauty of the view from up there. At 2,173 meters above the sea level it is not the highest peak of the Sibillini, but without a doubt it is the most famous for its myths and legends, in particular the legend of Sibyl, an illustrious prophetess who lived in the cave located on the top of the mountain peak called “the Crown”, which in ancient times many knights sought out in search of oracles and prophecies.

It is possible to reach the Sibyl by many different paths for an easier or more challenging walk, the shortest one is definitely the one that starts from the Rifugio Sibilla (1540 m . ), for a total of 630 meters in altitude . The refuge can be reached by car on a dirt road just 2 km from our farm . Once you have parked the car near the Refuge , take the marked trail that begins at the hairpin behind the refuge and climb up the slopes of Monte Zampa and in less than one hour of walking you will reach the ridge (1791 m .). This is a most exciting time as the view opens up to 360 degrees and you can see all the peaks of the Sibillini mountains and the valley of Infernaccio and if day is clear the Adriatic sea. Now you continue along the scenic ridge to south-west, towards the peak which can be achieved in about one hour walk. The walk is really impressive for the fantastic view that sweeps over the hills and villages of the Marche to the Adriatic coast . Reaching the actual peak the is the most challenging of the walk, you have to climb up a small rock face with the help of a fixed rope. Just before you get to the top, on the left, you see a pile of rocks, these are the collapsed remains of the entrance of the cave of the Sibyl, also called Cave of the Fairies, who according to legend was the point of access to the underground kingdom of the Sibyl .


From the early 1400s the legend of the Sibyl spread greatly throughout Europe thanks to the chivalric romance The Guerin Meschino by Andrea da Barberino, in which the main character, in search of his roots, goes into the cave of the Sibyl to ask the famous Prophetess about his origin, he stays in the cave a year resisting with all his heart the temptations and snares of the sorceress and her bewitching maidens, and without falling into sin he is able to get out and travel to Rome and to ask for forgiveness from the Pope.

In 1420, the French knight Antoine de La Sale went to the cave on the orders of the Duchess Agnes of Borgogna, reporting in detail his experience in the book Heaven of the Queen Sibyl , describing the route taken, and his entrance into the cave with drawings and precise details.

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